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Online Watercolor Course Painting

Have you ever tried a watercolor class and felt like you got nowhere?

Learning watercolor is often so full of frustration that many, if not most people give it up.  

Over a 30 year journey into painting and teaching, I found that the secret to painting in watercolor is not that you must be “gifted”.

Rather, The key to learning watercolor is having a good teacher. is unique because it is logical, structured, and builds it’s learning in a sequential format.

Watercolor is:

The most complete online watercolor class anywhere, with Over 60 hours of lessons.

A watercolor course that can take you from a complete beginner to a professional. 

A  structured, logical, course with layered lessons.

A course that combines all the benefits of a traditional watercolor class and the benefits of internet learning.

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Have a question about the course? Check out the FAQ:  FAQ About the Course

Online Watercolor Course Painting

Online Watercolor Course Painting

Learn to paint realistic, beautiful watercolor paintings in a structured, but flexible learning format.

In this online watercolor course, you can explore all of the lessons at your own pace.

The videos allow you to see everything done on the palette as well as the paper, exactly as the instructor sees the painting process.  

You can review any parts of the videos at any time. 

In addition, the written instructions allow you to review any part of the lesson without watching the entire video again.  

The watercolor lessons:

Are carefully structured to build upon each other; no random lessons that don’t relate to previous lessons.

Explain everything the instructor is doing; even the thinking process.

Include explanations on planning your painting as well as how to choose the correct methods and sequence of techniques.

Consist of videos showing full paintings from beginning to end.

Allow you to see everything done on the paper as well as the palette.

In addition, there are also step-by-step written instructions for every beginner and intermediate lesson.

Also Included are drawings for every painting in which they are needed.

Include extensive coverage of watercolor supplies, working methods, painting theory, and watercolor techniques. 

Cover subjects including landscapes, florals, figures, buildings, still-lifes, and more

Want to learn more about the course structure? Check out these pages:

Course Outline   

Gallery of Paintings From Each Lesson     

The Teaching Method 

Online Watercolor Course PaintingMore complete than any online watercolor class, the main course includes over 60 hours of watercolor videos and over 170 watercolor lessons in the main course, with even more included in extended workshops.

Filmed in beautiful HD, with streaming options for different connection speeds. 

You may watch any lesson as many times as you want.

Unlimited access to the main course; watch any lesson whenever you choose.

Self paced.  No deadlines or class times.

Want to learn more about the watercolor videos?

FAQ About the Watercolor Videos

See below what students have to say about (All testimonials are 100% authentic, each from a different student)

"Your course stands way out from what's available online. Light-years better in so many ways. It must have taken you years to devise and develop, and for your efforts I am grateful."
"Love this course. Streets ahead of anything I've seen."
"Dang! I just have to tell you ... I taught polymer clay classes and trained painters (for my miniatures) for years and I know how time consuming it is to simplify instructions.  You're instructions and tips are blowing me away... I just want you to know, from one professional to another, I appreciate your technique of teaching more than I knew was possible. Thank you so much for sharing what you know with those wanting to learn it!"
"I have learned so much already about materials, set up, paints and brushes. First off, you are a TEACHER, and your slow, and clear presentations are fabulous. So Easy and effective. I am thrilled to be a student."

T. G. H. also was a complete beginner. He produced this in a Chapter 6 lesson.

Member Painting From Online Watercolor Course
"I have been trying to teach myself watercolours for about two years now and in the process have read a lot of books and watched a lot of online material. I have now completed Chapter 1 of your course and am starting on Chapter 2. Your material is head and shoulders above anything else I have seen. "
"Taking your lessons has been just wonderful for me. In the past, I have had some instruction from award winning watercolorists, but their understanding of the medium was not transferred to me in any systematic way. I can tell what an excellent classroom teacher you are by how well you plan and deliver the lessons your provide. "
"Your teaching style is great and very easy to follow. I was quite skeptical about signing up but after the first couple videos I was hooked! Keep up the great work and thank you so so much!"

Doug was another complete beginner. He produced this from Chapter 5. Doug has now completed the course and produces his own beautiful art.

Member Painting From Online Watercolor Course
"I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the videos...Your instruction makes so much sense... I've taken several courses and have been so frustrated by instructors who don't demonstrate and don't know how to explain. Besides everything else, as a teacher of teachers, it is a pleasure to observe well-crafted lessons. I am telling all my watercolor friends about the course."
"I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this course.   I love it!    You have taught me so much. I struggled for years buying products, including paper and brushes etc., from the TV shows but never could get my projects to turn out.   I tried and tried.   Your first lesson explained a lot of things with the paper and the proper brushes and paints.   Boy did that make a difference.   Again, thank you for all the expert instruction and great teaching. "

Suzan began the course with the simple trees on the left. Just after finishing the course she completed her own painting shown on the right. This painting took 1st place at the Saint John Art Exhibition. A true journey from complete beginner to professional artist!

Member Painting From Online Watercolor Course
"This the best watercolor course I have found-. Wish I had found you 6 months ago; I would have saved time and MONEY and progressed much faster."
"I am LOVING this course... I am addicted to water color now. You are an amazing teacher. I have stayed up until wee hours of the morning painting."