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Welcome to Watercolor; the revolutionary new online watercolor course! 

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint with watercolor and just found it too difficult?  Maybe you’ve tried a watercolor class and felt like you got nowhere.  Sound familiar?  That was me too. Learning watercolor is often so full of frustration and failure that many, if not most people give it up.  

Over a 30 year journey into painting, and teaching, I found that the secret to painting in this wonderful media was not being “gifted”, but rather having a good teacher.  And what I discovered over those thirty years was that there are a lot of good artists out there, and a lot of good teachers, but very few good artists who are ALSO good teachers.

So after years of frustration and almost giving up, I dedicated myself to one day combining my two professions, teaching and watercolor, to create a place where people could receive professional watercolor instruction from a professional teacher.  The result is Watercolor

Watercolor is the most complete online watercolor course in existence.  It is a modern, unique watercolor course containing watercolor lessons from beginner to advanced, designed by an expert teacher and professional watercolor artist.   Watercolor offers the most watercolor lessons with the highest quality watercolor instruction anywhere online.  It combines all the benefits of a traditional watercolor class, along with the benefits of internet learning.

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Course FAQ

Learn watercolor from Chris Berdoll; a certified teacher and professional watercolor artist.

I am not only a professional watercolor painter, but also a certified teacher.  I have been teaching science, math, reading, history, and art to children and adults for over 15 years, and I still do it every day, eight hours a day.  Teaching is my life, you could say.

I am not and have never been talented at art.  What I mean is that when I first began, I was worse than average.  Every single thing I have accomplished in art has been by lots and lots of practice.  In other words,  most of what I learned was learned the hard way.  Years and years of inefficient mistakes and experimentation eventually lead me to create watercolor lessons for others to be able to learn watercolor quickly and efficiently.   The result was this online watercolor course, which contains a painstakingly designed curriculum and learning process that is proven to work.

The watercolor lessons consist of videos showing full watercolor paintings from beginning to end, along with step-by-step written instructions for every beginner and intermediate lesson.  In addition, you will receive one-on-one advice and guidance from me to help you every step of the way.  It is a beautiful combination of the benefits of a traditional watercolor class and an online watercolor course.

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 Chris’ Bio                                 

Watercolor Instructor

A Bio of the Watercolor Instructor

Chris’ Gallery of Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor Gallery

Chris’ Gallery of Watercolor Paintings

Learn to paint realistic, beautiful watercolor paintings in a structured, but flexible learning format.

In this online watercolor course, you will be able to explore all of the watercolor lessons at your own pace.  The watercolor videos allow you to see everything done on the palette as well as the paper, exactly as the instructor sees the painting process.  You can review any parts of the videos at any time, and the written instructions allow you to review any part of the painting process without watching the entire video again.  

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Topics/Lessons Covered in the Course.

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Course Outline

Watercolor Course Features                                      

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Features of the Watercolor Course

The Teaching Method 

Teaching Method

The Teaching Method of the Watercolor Lessons

More complete than any online watercolor class, the main course includes over 50 hours of watercolor videos and over 170 watercolor lessons in the main course, with even more included in extended workshops.

All the watercolor videos are filmed in beautiful HD, with multiple streaming options for different internet connection speeds.  Every beginner and intermediate lesson also includes printable step-by-step instructions with tips and advice about common problems with each particular painting.  Drawings are included for every painting in which they are needed.

In the lessons, you will find extensive coverage of watercolor supplies, working methods, painting theory, watercolor techniques, and countless watercolor tips and advice to make your learning process enjoyable and productive. In addition, you will receive the full benefits of a personal watercolor class with one-on-one advice and help from me; your own personal watercolor instructor.

You will learn to paint landscapes, florals, figures, buildings, still lifes, and more.  No other watercolor class offers this much content or quality.  

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FAQ About the Watercolor Videos

Watercolor Video FAQ

FAQ About the Watercolor Videos

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Watercolor lessons from a personal instructor typically cost hundreds of dollars.  Online watercolor classes, in addition to being hard to find, are notoriously fragmented and lacking in quality.  Try a search for a complete online watercolor course, and you will most likely be disappointed by the quality, content, and pricing.  At Watercolor, I aim to provide the most comprehensive online watercolor course in existence at extremely high quality, and at a price that is more than reasonable. You may choose from two different membership types: the entire main course for a year (1 time payment non-recurring), or the entire main course monthly access (monthly payments recurring).  You can cancel or change memberships at any time; no questions asked, no strings attached. 

For checkout, I use a pay-gate similar to PayPal, with multiple levels of top security.  To learn more about the security of this pay-gate, look here:

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