FAQ About the Course

What supplies do I need for the course?

The supplies you need are covered in great detail in Chapter 1.  However, if you would like to get a head-start on ordering supplies, you can contact me and I will email you the supply list.  You may contact me here.  Please note: it is critically important that you get the exact supplies I recommend!


How much does the course cost?

The cost of the different memberships is explained here: http://watercolortutor.com/membership-account/membership-levels/


What is the difference between the monthly and yearly memberships?

You receive the same access to the course with both memberships; full access to the entire main course.  The only difference is the cost; the yearly membership is cheaper in the long-run.


Is there a time limit for each lesson?  Can I re-do lessons?  How are the lessons released and presented?

With any membership, you immediately get access to every lesson in the main course.  There are no limits to how you use them.  You can do any lesson whenever you want, as many times as you want.  Please note however, that although I never mandate that you do the lessons in order, I STRONGLY recommend that you do them in order.  The lessons are painstakingly designed to build upon each other.  I spent half a year just designing the curriculum, the lessons, and the order of the lessons before I ever even started recording.

Is checking out on this site secure?  How does it work exactly?

You aren’t really checking out “on this site”.  All of the monetary transactions are done through a multi-level secure paygate that is incorporated seamlessly into my website.  So although it appears as though you never actually “leave” my website to pay, all of the money stuff is done automatically behind the scenes through this paygate system.  I never see any financial information, and I cannot ever access it.  No one can except you.  It is all done automatically through highly secure encrypted servers at the paygate.   I use an international paygate system similar to Paypal, but called Stripe.com.  It is one of the largest online paygate systems in the world, and one of the most highly respected.  I use this system instead of Paypal because I have many international members, and this system handles this better. So, just because you don’t “leave the site” and see the familiar Paypal login screen and such, don’t worry; it is all still being done through a paygate in the same way, just behind the scenes.   You can learn more about the paygate and the security they employ by visiting Stripe.com.  I also have added an extra level of security with an anti-malware/spyware application on all of my pages.


Can I try the course to see if I like it?

That’s one of the reasons the monthly membership is there.  You can start with a monthly membership, and if you like the course, you can switch to a yearly membership at any time.  If you switch within three months of starting, you will still be saving money in the long-run.  Please note: switching from a monthly to a yearly does not pro-rate the monthly fees you have already been charged.  However, again, if you switch within 3 months of starting, you will still be saving money.


Can I switch my membership type?

Yes!  You can switch from a monthly to a yearly at any time (see the question above).  You cannot switch from a yearly to a monthly and have it pro-rated.  The yearly membership is for those students who know they are committed for a year.


Can I cancel my membership, and how do I do that?

If you have a monthly membership, you can cancel at anytime by going to the “membership account” page.  It just takes a few clicks.  Yearly and monthly memberships can be cancelled, but you will NOT be reimbursed anything.  You are paying for ACCESS to the course, not how much you use it.   How much you use it is up to you.  Cancellations are immediate, so it is best to wait until the end of your billing cycle to cancel.


Can I put my membership on hold and come back to it later?

Unfortunately, my system is not sophisticated enough for that.  However, if you have a monthly membership, you can just cancel your membership and re-create one when you come back.  If you think you will have extended periods where you will not paint at all, it is best to go with a monthly membership.


What if I have a yearly membership and don’t finish the course in a year?

Most students finish the main course within a year.  However, if you don’t, you can always sign up for a monthly membership at the end of your yearly.  This will allow you to finish up any lessons you need, and then cancel when you want.


What subjects do you paint in the course?

A list of all the lessons in the main course can be found here.


Can I take a workshop if I am not signed up for the main course?

At this time workshops are only available to current members of the main course, so you will need to purchase access to the main course to take a workshop.  In addition, most of the workshops are for upper-intermediate to advanced painters, so taking the main course is HIGHLY recommended before attempting the workshops.