Please Note: You must have an active membership to access any workshops.  If you have a membership that ends before your workshop access ends, you must re-register to be able to continue using the workshops.

    Also note that when you go to sign up for a workshop, it may appear as though the system is trying to charge you for another monthly or yearly membership.  It isn’t.  What is happening is the system is creating a new separate membership just for the workshop.  If you follow the purchase prompts, you will see that it is a one time charge of $20.


Backyard Scene Advanced Workshop

Thicat on fence painting ctas workshop is available to all current members.  However, it is recommend for those who are at an advanced level (having completed at least through Chapter 6, or Chapter 5 if you are feeling brave 😉 ). In this 11-plus hour workshop, Chris paints an advanced scene, showing how to paint several new subjects including a lawn, a cat, two types of cultivated flowering plants, fences, and a deep forested background. He also teaches several new techniques, including how to paint complex foliage with negative painting, how to create layers of depth, texture, and light in a background, and how to paint middle-distance flowers. He also teaches many advanced planning, compositional, and correction techniques and ideas.  All videos titles provide a brief summary of what is covered in the video, allowing you to access specific parts of the workshop when needed.

Materials needed:  You will need all materials listed in the supply list; everything (even the Cobalt Blue)!

Price: $20 for 1 year of access.

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Seascapes Workshop

This workshop is available to all current members. In this 6 hour workshop, Chris takes you on an in-depth study of seascapes.  Encompassing two complete paintings, you will learn a wide variety of elements, techniques, and theory related to ocean scenes.  The two paintings in this workshop are:

Basic Seascape: This scene covers a broad range of elements and techniques associated with a typical seascape, including distant and close waves, foam, wet sand, dry sand and more.

Shorebirds, Surf, and Spray: This is a more advanced seascape that focuses on composition choices and capturing atmosphere.  Techniques and elements include painting distant sea-spray in the air, shorebirds, distant and close surf, rocks, and wet sand reflecting evening sunlight. Also included are in-depth discussions and examples of why and how to make composition choices that make for a stronger painting.

Materials Needed: Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Azo Yellow, Perylene Green, Quinacridone Rose, All round brushes from the course, flat brush from the course, hog hair bristle brush from the course, masking fluid, an old toothbrush, all other basic supplies from the course

Level:  Upper Intermediate to Advanced.  If you have completed Chapter 5 of the main course, you should be able to do this workshop comfortably.

Price: $20 for 1 year of access.

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