About Chris Berdoll

A little about me:

I grew up on a very large farm and ranch in central Texas, and after living in five different states, I now reside on the beautiful central coast of California.

If you had asked me 20 years ago if I thought I would ever be a professional artist, I would have laughed.  My real journey with art did not even begin until I was thirty years old.  For that story, click  here.

Rather, I was educated as a scientist.  I earned my degree in ecology at Texas A&M University, and soon after began working as a botanist and naturalist.  It didn’t take long to realize that employment in this area was sporadic at best.  Merely as a “fallback plan”, I went back to school to earn a teaching credential.  Along the way, I fell in love with teaching.

I began teaching math and science at the junior high level, and I still do that to this day.  In addition to teaching kids, I eventually became a curriculum designer, a teacher trainer, and a state test writer.  Along that 15 year journey, I became a watercolor artist.  Over my years of learning watercolor, I became quite frustrated with the lack of good teaching of watercolor, and the fragmented nature of this instruction.  I eventually found one of the few diamonds-in-the rough; Peter Saw’s Interactive Watercolor CD.  This CD and Peter’s friendship and guidance are what eventually allowed me to break free of the bad instruction and become a professional painter.

In my summers off from school, I began teaching watercolor to both children and adults.  After several years of this, I was fortunate enough to finally become a teacher at the Atascadero Fine Arts Academy in Atascadero, California, where I now teach my dream combination of classes; math, science, drawing, and painting.

With such a strong background in science, I developed a quite unusual interest in the science of watercolor.  Around the watercolor forums, I am pretty sure I am considered the “watercolor technical geek”.  Add to this my years of teaching, and it is only natural that I am also quite passionate about watercolor instruction.

It was over a year ago as I write this that I decided to take my two biggest passions, watercolor and teaching, and combine them into something accessible for everyone.  I wanted to create something for others out there like me who think they aren’t “gifted” and “just can’t paint”.  I wanted to help others avoid the 30 year search that it took me to find the joy of painting.   I wanted to take Peter’s Saw’s torch and carry it onward.  And here is the result; Watercolor Tutor.com.

Hopefully, with this course you will discover the wonderful joy of watercolor much quicker than I did.